About us

Beaver Oil Company is one of the largest treatment and recycling companies in the Midwest.

We own and operate processing plants in Hodgkins Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, and Gary Indiana. Our fully integrated transportation fleet serves both plants.

The Gary plant is fully permitted to accept all types of non-hazardous wastes of an aqueous or petroleum composition. Located in an industrial area, this plant is contained within a five acre fenced site with six acres undeveloped. Separate buildings house the oil/solids separation processes and the wastewater purification plant. A host of various equipment and processes are employed to handle a wide range of wastes.

During 2000 four new storage tanks were constructed, adding over one-point five million gallons of storage capacity and the latest containment technology is employed to provide secure storage.

Our original plant as well as home office is located in Hodgkins Illinois. This essentially undeveloped site was acquired in 1978. Though physically smaller than Gary, a major segment of Illinois’s businesses rely on this site for their disposal needs. Working in conjunction with many local brokers and transportation/environmental firms, The Hodgkins plant routinely receives and processes over 100,000 gallons per day. In addition to holding permits for a wide range of non-hazardous wastes, Hodgkins is also permitted under RCRA to accept hazardous wastes. Hazardous wastes accepted include Flammable, corrosive, most characteristic, and several listed wastes. On the non-hazardous side, all types of aqueous and or oil bearing streams, soaps and cosmetics, latex and inks and many other contaminated liquids are accepted. Our customer base ranges from the corner auto shop to most of the petroleum majors as well as several of the major automobile manufactures. Our bigger customers routinely audit both sides, sometimes extensively. Projects completed over the years range from refinery shutdowns, cleaning millions of gallons, to salvaging rejected retail products packaged in quart bottles.

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